If you interested in supporting the club as a 2019 UHJA Corporate, Year End Awards or Medal Finals sponsor, please contact the Sponsorship Chair Mariah Baird. Click here to contact Mariah via email. An updated list of 2019 sponsors will be posted toward end of June. 

2019 Medal Finals Sponsors

Modified Children's / Adult Am Hunter Classic: The Armantrout Family
Childrens | Adult Amateur Hunter Classic: Suzanne Hofmann 
Junior/Amateur Hunter Classic: Maple Mountain Farm  
Short/Medium Stirrup Classic: Beauty Blades, Liz Bates 
Low Children's / Low Adult Am Hunter Classic: Jon Knight 
Cross Bar Classic: Singleton Family
Kathy Hansen Hunter Hack: Kathy Hansen
Horse Crazy Hunter Welcome: Horse Crazy / Tammy Armantrout & Lorri Karpinski
$1,000 UHJA Fall Hunter Derby: UHJA
$500 Alta Hills Tack "Pick Your Partner" Derby: Alta Hills Tack
Carol Sundeen Memorial Pony Hunter Classic: Lynnleigh Farm | The Sundeens
Open Equitation Welcome: Allison Wicks 
$100 UHJA Jumper Warm-up: Hillary Howe
$200 Willie Wicks Warm-Up Jumper: The Wicks Family
$200 Pro Photo Jumper Welcome: Pro Photo/ Pam Olsen
$500 Wynsome Blue Farm Low Jumper Classic: Wynsome Blue Farm 
$500 Horse Crazy Tack and Supply High Jumper Classic: Tammy Armantrout & Lori Karpinski 
Money Penny Power & Speed Challenge Final: Rose Ranch Stables  

2019 Year End Awards Sponsors

UHJA Pony Hunter Seat Medal: Equine Pavilion
UHJA Hunter Seat Medal 17-under: JLH Equestrian, Janna Hambor
UHJA Hunter Seat Medal 18-over: Alta Hills Tack, Holly Dwyer
UHJA Modified Junior/Amateur Medal: The Powlick Family
UHJA Jumper Seat Medal: Rose Ranch, The Wicks Family
Green Hunter 3': Rose Ranch, Spring/Fall Classics
Green Hunter 3'3": Suzanne Hofmann
Performance Hunter 3'3": South Valley Equine
Cross Bar Rider: Pro Photo, Pam Olsen
Short Stirrup Hunter: Travis Steadman
Short Stirrup Equitation: The Schmidt Family
Medium Stirrup Hunter: Ken & Mary Zollo
Medium Stirrup Equitation: Sally Padawer
Low Children's Hunter 17-under: Kathy Hansen
Low Children's Equitation 17-under: Raine Padawer
Low Adult Amateur Hunter 18-over: Flying Colors, Justine Goulet
Low Adult Amateur Equitation 18-over: Mariah Baird
Medium Pony Hunter: Mountain View Veterinary
Large Pony Hunter: Armantrout Family
Modified Junior/Amateur Hunter: Suzanne Hofmann
Children's Hunter: Under Contract, LLC, Hillary Howe
Adult Amateur Hunter: AMG Equestrian, Anne Godfrey
Junior Hunter 3'3": Promontory Equestrian Center
Amateur Owner Hunter 3'3": LBR Communications, Lee Rech
Amteur Owner Hunter 3'6": Mariah Baird
.80m Jumper: Denise Tilley, Tilley Show Stables
.90m Jumper: Rich Hanes Art Gallery
Low Adult Amateur Jumper: Jeanine Flint
Pony Jumper: Kristen McClellan
Money Penny Memorial Jumper: Rose Ranch Stables 
1.05M Jumper: Dr. Beau Beck, DVM
1.15 M Jumper: Mad Season, LLC, Alex Granato
Equitation Not to Jump 12-14: The Kovner Family
Equitation Over Fences 12-14: Chris & Christy Abbruzzese
Equitation Not to Jump 15-17: MDK | Michael Knight
Equitation Over Fences 15-17: Promontory Equestrian Center
Equitation Not to Jump 18-35: The Singleton Family
Equitation Not to Jump 36-over: Sally Padawer
Equitation Over Fences 36-over: Alta Hills Tack, Holly Dwyer
Horse Crazy Hunter Series: Horse Crazy 
Hunter of the Year: AA Callister
Jumper of the Year: AA Callister