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  • Thank you to Utah Show Managers for Enabling Us to Compete at All Levels

    Thank you to Utah Show Managers for Enabling Us to Compete at All Levels

    As riders, horse shows inspire us to learn more about our horses, ourselves and the privilege of our partnerships.  It is a place to gain the confidence to be successful. Comradery with other riders, encouraging coaches and talented horses who kindly perform day after day are some of the true values of a horse show.

    Managing horse shows is a huge endeavor that requires a tremendous amount of work and financing. Those wonderful people to put themselves in the role and meet the challenges are heroes! Horse shows in Utah are changing and the need for different levels of competition is becoming apparent.  Fortunately, Shasta Perry and Sarah Kirby have worked hard to fulfill demand for a schooling show series! The successful turn out at The Unicorn Extravaganza indicates a soaring interest from beginner and novice riders. On the other end of the spectrum, The Wasatch Horse Show Series provides higher levels of competition which are well attended and greatly appreciated by those who want to show in USHJA rated shows. The UHJA annual show, Lynnleigh Farm Jumper and Rose Ranch Jumper remain the foundation shows for several competitors accumulating year end points in Utah. 

    The Utah Hunter and Jumper Association is proud to support all levels of competition and will continue to encourage success of existing shows while nurturing the growth new shows. 

    The horse world will continue to rapidly shift and evolve and we as a club, will continue to evolve in-step, delivering membership, awards and sponsorship. Our work is designed to help horse lovers thrive and enjoy life with equine companions.

    ~Allie Wicks

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