Make sure to check out the 2015 UHJA Rule Book which will also be sent to all members in the mail. Also, please check the Calendar in next couple of weeks for the tentative 2015 show schedule.


The 2015 board begins its tenure with the UHJA Year-End Awards Banquet at the Salt Lake City Marriott City Center on January 10th – hope to see you all there!

The UHJA Board always involves some terrific local horse people but in 2015, we’ve hit the jackpot! Our board consists of youth and age, horse business leaders and public relations and marketing professionals, equine trainers plus novice riders, business owners and hourly employees. With this group, the UHJA will glean feedback from all walks of equine life to result in the best UHJA horse shows and year end awards programs ever.

Although we currently grow slowly (but surely) as an association, one goal in 2015 will be to promote our membership (through a “Learn to Ride/Horse Show” program). A larger membership roster can provide the UHJA with more choices in the future to advance competition possibilities both locally and nationally.

Let’s face it, Salt Lake is located 10-12 hours from the nearest equine population centers. Attracting horses from Colorado or California or the Northwest for that matter seems difficult at best, so growing from within is likely a better and more reliable option. We just need to do it! Our main competition is probably soccer, gymnastics, ballet, and swimming. Although some of these activities might be less expensive, none offer an opportunity for both youth and adult riders to establish a unique relationship with a horse. Equine activities often get that rap as being elitist. However, this characterization misses the vast benefits of riding—responsibility, competition, equine relationship and new friendships. We need to be proud of our wonderful and noble sport, and help promote it to as many possible students and interested friends as we can and in as many ways as we can.

UHJA’s upcoming banquet at the Marriott on January 10th will be the celebration of 2014 activities. Sign up now and bring a friend!

Happy New Year!
Barbara Wicks
UHJA President



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