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  • Putting A Wrap on 2015

    Results from the UHJA Medal Finals have just been released and UHJA Treasurer, Nancy Armantrout says the 4-day show will provide UHJA with close to $4,000 in profits. Horse show committee chairman, Anne Godfrey called the results “Awesome”.

    Over 100 entries contributed to the results including 21 entries in the $1000 Hunter Derby, 18 entries in the Alta Hills Tack Pick Your Partner Derby and 26 total entries in the Jumper Championships. Congratulations to everyone who competed!

    And now it’s about time to put a wrap on the 2015 UHJA competition season and move on to celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas. While the 2016 UHJA banquet in January is now in the planning stages, most local horse show activities are complete.

    It’s also time to express thanks to all of UHJA’s Board of Directors who have put in numerous hours this year to help UHJA function successfully. Starting off the year with a new banquet date in January, Courtney Young and her team put together an outstanding awards banquet at the Marriot Hotel. We’ll be looking forward to another success in 2016!

    During several months last spring, our Internet chairman, Lee Rech, made a terrific contribution to the club by overseeing installation of a new website that most of our membership is using with excellent results.

    Nancy Armantrout once again spent hours and days guarding the UHJA’s treasury, keeping membership records, producing horse show prize lists and performing a long list of tasks too numerous to itemize. Most recently, she oversaw the mailing of over 150 ballots to UHJA members both new and old.

    Janna Hambor again succeeded in rounding up enough year end award contributors and sponsors to insure the club will be able to present this year’s division winners with terrific prizes at the banquet. Lacy Bizios once again provided the UHJA summer show and Medal Finals with both usual and unusual prizes.

    Anne Godfrey , UHJA Show Committee Chairman, proved a fast learner and succeeded in putting on a well attended UHJA Medal finals. The show attracted over 100 hunters and jumpers. Judge Carol Porter provided UHJA with some valuable ideas during the show.

    Allie Wicks Swift, Youth Committee Chairman, came up with two new programs. Who will forget the pie throwing activity at the UHJA summer show. This fall, she initiated a jump crew clinic where participants signed attended a two day instructional session designed to inform interested riders about the intracasies of setting jumps at a horse shows. About a dozen riders participated and a significant portion of the funds collected were donated to UHJA.

    Lindsay Wilcox followed by Claire Hoffman provided the club with meeting notes; Pam Aizad attended all meetings providing some new insights and added humor to our monthly get togethers. Lastly, Vickie Cozzens has already and will continue to print spectacular newsletters including color front page photos to keep every one informed about club activities. Thanks to the entire board that put on such an outstanding effort.

Latest News

  • Nov 10 15

    Make sure your vote counts! There are several new board member nominees this year as well as rule changes to decide on and every vote will count! As a UHJA member, you should have received your ballot for 2016 board members and rule changes in the mail. However, if you did not and/or can't find it, feel free to print out the ballot by clicking here. Voting will end by 7:30 p.m. on November 18. You can also mail in your ballot but it must be received by the secretary of the Board of Directors Cla

  • Apr 8 15

    Check out the 2015 UHJA Rule Book which will also be sent to all members in the mail. Also, please check the Calendar in next couple of weeks for the tentative 2015 show schedule.

  • Apr 8 15

    Join the LEGIS LEAGUE for $30 at The Early Show and earn points in classes you are already entered in! Accrue points and try and qualify for regionals and finals. Regional LEGIS League Finals will be held during the Verdugo Hills Championship Show, JK Presents Fall Finale, and the Arizona Fall Classic. Both USEF and non-USEF shows are encouraged to participate in the LEGIS League.

    More information will be available at the secretary’s desk during The Early Show or check out

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